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No limits on clothing changes, hair style variations, or backgrounds (within our inventory). 

 Includes pre-session prep-sheet, coaching, instant review, and image selection during your session

 A makeup artist (MUA) is optional and recommended for women; let me know if you want to book a MUA.

Coaching includes selecting your best angle, creating a great jawline, a natural friendly look, and absolute professionalism.

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Session fee: $ 290 | Images: $ 250 each Includes print and digital
















"Thank you so much Mike! Our whole company uses Mike, not only because the photos are great, but the whole experience is AWESOME! He prepares you for what to expect, reviews images in real time, and, really makes sure you're pleased with the result. If you want, a fun, comfortable atmosphere, with a professional photographer, I would call Mike!" Kristin
"I've taken photos with Mike three times now, and every time, he helps me feel relaxed and comfortable. He's encouraging and positive, and his photos always come out stunning. He gives you a chance to see what you've done so far, so you know what your end result will look like. He has a knack for catching you looking like you, with the right mix of professionalism and personality." Sierra

"I was apprehensive about having a head shot done. I anticipated an awkward experience but Mike was professional and quickly had me feeling like a pro. I was surprised how quickly the session went and my pictures turned out amazing. I would highly recommend Mike for any of your photography needs." Suzy
"Mike instantly made me feel that I was in a comfortable environment. He is the epitome of professionalism. I walked in the door and we went right to work. He took a series of photos, we discussed and decided on which one we liked the best, and then we were done. We were done in less than 15 minutes. Thank you again Mike!" Chad


Thinking for an outdoor or location photograph? Perhaps a branding series for your new business. Maybe you need an entire team or company photographed. Simply send information in using the form at the bottom and I'll get back to you shortly.


Where is the top of my head?

I show faces up close in my portfolio; however, I photograph your entire head with more body and provide that full image to you. Because the profile photo on LinkedIn is so small, you may want to consider a tight crop.

Are all your headshots in the studio?

For LinkedIn, I recommend a simple background, so studio photographs are better for a small profile image. If you are interested in a different look, want a branding session, or are an actor,  inquire with the "Request More Information"   form below.

How does your session work?.

We take a look at the clothes you brought and select several outfits. Then a mirror check, next under the lights. I coach your body, face, and help you relax. We shoot several images, then immediately review. Back to the shooting area, repeat until you have your best headshot ever!

What does the session fee include?

The session fee covers photography only. Ample time, clothing changes, time for hair changes, background variation, and lighting changes are included. Each retouched image is $ 250.

Should I hire a makeup artist?

I suggest a makeup artist for women and work with several headshots specialists. Let me know on the form below. and I'll confirm availability.

How long is the No Limits session?

Allow up to two hours. Most sessions are about  one hour long.  This includes time for clothing changes and reviewing of your images, plus selecting your favorite images.

What about Covid-19?

Mike is fully vaccinated. We minimize any items that you touch, wear a mask, maintain distance.

How do I select a headshot photographer?

I recommend looking for a consistent portfolio that shows a range of faces. Avoid a photographer that shoots down on you, as this gives an impression of weakness relative to the viewer.

Does LinkedIn care if I have a profile picture?

LinkedIn says that a profile with a picture receives 21x more views, 36x more direct messages, and 9x more connection requests.